Starting from the source, our dedicated team of procurement looks into right source bearing in mind the corporate responsibility.

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Looking forward for the future, we are continuously innovating new products towards better health

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We follow the best and modern manufacturing practices to bring you the
best in the market.

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From herbal supplements to sports nutrition we offer wide range of products that fit into most healthcare need..

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Welcome to Natura Biotechnol

A leading manufacturer of standardized botanical Extracts, essential oils & oleoresins for personal care, cosmetic products, health supplements, finished formulations and food & beverage products. We are a corporate entity created and registered under the Companies Act 1956. Our registered office is situated at Bangalore, India.


Doing different things differently; innovation is part of Natura’s culture as we grow. Our ongoing research include new variants of botanicals and their delivery forms. New finished formulations in Nutraceuticals, Cosmeceuticals, Sports Nutrition, Animal health, Food and Beverage which are condition specific.